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Welcome To BBNC!

Birchmount Bluffs Neighbourhood Centre is a charitable, multi-service community-based organization offering a broad range of recreational, fitness, social and learning programs to all members of the community.  Led by a locally-elected volunteer board, we welcome people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to participate in our diverse programs and services.

2017 Registration Day Dates

Thursdays (9:00am to 8:00pm)

  • Spring Session: March 23
  • Summer Session: June 15
  • Fall Session: August 24
  • Winter Session: November 23
  • Nursery School 2017-2018 Meet & Greet Sessions: Monday, May 1 to Thursday, May 4 from 6:00pm to 7:30pm
  • Nursery School 2017-2018 Registration: Monday, June 5 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm

* BBNC reserves the right to amend this schedule.

Our Program Guide

Click here to see a complete copy of BBNC's program guide.

Note: Opening this file requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Click here to get the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

What's New At BBNC?

Call For New Board Members

We are currently recruiting new Directors to sit on our Board!  Are you a member at BBNC?  Live in the area?  Or just want to give back and make a difference?  We are looking for 2 to 3 Board Members to join our existing Board of 9.  Please Click Here to get more details on the Volunteer position or click here to see the posting on Charity Village.

NEW! Seniors Poverty Animator Network (SPAN)

BBNC's launched our new Seniors Poverty Animator Network (SPAN) in summer, 2016.  Funded by the Province of Ontario, SPAN supports diverse south Scarborough seniors and adults to animate their voices on poverty reduction.  Click here for more information about this program and other programs for older adults.

BBNC Youth Program Takes a New Direction!

BBNC is expanding our youth program's youth development work to build upon the strong community impact of our collaborations with service providers and networks supporting south Scarborough youth.  To this end, BBNC ended a valuable chapter in our centre's story by closing our Youth Drop-in Centre On September 30th, 2016.  Our new name is Youth Development Initiatives (YDI) ProgramClick here for more information about our programs for youth.

BBNC Community Development Program

BBNC works in collaboration with a variety of agencies to help increase and support civic involvement, to assist community residents in making positive differences.  Click here for more information about our community development program.

Scarborough Cycles

Scarborough Cycles is a collaborative project led by the Toronto Centre for Active Transportation (TCAT) and supported by CultureLink Settlement and Community Services, the Toronto Cycling Think & Do Tank, and Cycle Toronto.

In June 2016, Scarborough Cycles will establish two Bike Hubs in Scarborough.  One hub will be located at Birchmount Bluffs Neighbourhood Centre, a vital community meeting place that for over 25 years has offered a range of all-ages programming to Scarborough residents.  Another hub will be at AccessPoint on Danforth, part of Access Alliance Multicultural Health and Community Services, which has been helping Toronto's diverse communities achieve health with dignity for the past 25 years.

Both Bike Hubs will offer access to bicycles, tools, repair clinics, and provide civic engagement opportunities for residents.

The project goals are:

  1. Create and disseminate new knowledge about cycling in the suburbs.
  2. Build capacity among local agencies and individuals to support cycling.
  3. Address barriers to cycling.
  4. Engage with residents and stakeholders about the benefits of improved cycling infrastructure.

To learn more about Scarborough Cycles please contact:

Marvin Macaraig, Ph.D., Scarborough Cycles Project Coordinator
Toronto Centre for Active Transportation
75 Elizabeth St., Toronto ON  M5G 1P4
Phone: 416-392-0260
Email: Website:
Twitter: @ScarbCycles

United Way Interviews BBNC Clients

Click here to check out the United Way's fact sheet and profile of BBNC's Barrier-Free Swim Program.

Voluntary Sector Reporting Awards

At the 2012 Voluntary Sector Reporting Awards (VSRA) luncheon BBNC was a finalist and received an Award of Excellence in Financial Reporting Transparency.
Click here to see a video showing photos from the VSRA Awards Luncheon.
Click here for more information about the VSRA Awards Luncheon, award recipients and finalists.

City of Toronto Access, Equity and
Human Rights Awards

At the 2009 Toronto Access and Equity Awards ceremony, BBNC was a recipient of the Access Award For Disability Issues.  Click here for more information about the award.

Annual Reporting

Below are links to our annual reports and audited financial statements from the past 3 years:
Click here to see our 2015-2016 Annual Report.
Click here to see our 2015-2016 Audited Financial Statements.
Click here to see our 2014-2015 Annual Report.
Click here to see our 2014-2015 Audited Financial Statements.
Click here to see our 2013-2014 Annual Report.
Click here to see our 2013-2014 Audited Financial Statements.

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